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1/Common textile fabric specifications

1. Polyester taffeta, taffeta, 

Plain tissue + polyester

Warp and weft: 68D/24FFDY polyester half-light plain fabric.

Mainly: 170T, 190T, 210T, 240T, 260T, 300T, 320T, 400T

T: is the sum of the warp and weft density in inches. For example, 190T is the sum of the warp and weft density and is 190 (the actual value is usually less than 190).

Use: general used as lining material

2, nylon (nylon taffeta) 

Plain tissue + polyamide

Warp and weft with 70D or 40D nylon FDY, density: 190T-400T

There are many derivatives of nylon spinning, called nylon spinning, twill, satin, lattice, jacquard and so on.

Application: Men's and women's clothing fabric. Coated nylon is air-tight, water-tight and feather-proof, USED AS a FABRIC for ski JACKETS, RAINCOATS, sleeping bags and mountaineering SUITS.

3. Spring sub-spun

Plain tissue + polyester

At least one of the warp and weft is low elastic (network) wire

Warp and weft are all elastic silk called spring spinning, meridian with filament called half spring spinning

The original spring sub-textile for plain tissue, now many derivatives, specifications are very complete, density from 170T to 400T

There are half-light, extinction, twill, lift point, stripe, flat grid, float grid, diamond grid, football grid, waffle grid, diagonal grid, club grid...

Use: "half spring spinning" fabric has been used to make suits, suits, jackets, children's wear, professional wear lining accessories; "Full spring spinning" can make down jacket, casual jacket, children's wear, waterproof coating fabric can also make waterproof clothing, umbrella poncho, sunshade, etc

4, Oxford

Plain weave + polyester or polyamide

At least 150 days of latitude and longitude

Polyester Oxford cloth: filament, elastic, high elastic

Nylon Oxford cloth: filament, tower velvet Oxford cloth, brocade Oxford cloth

Common are:


1200D*1200D,1680D, all kinds of jacquard

Usage: Mainly used to make luggage

5, Tower velvet 

Plain tissue is generally nylon, but also polyester

ATY is used in the zonal direction, and the zonal D number is at least twice the radial D number.

Conventional: Nylon tower velvet, 70D nylon FDY*160D nylon ATY, density: 178T,184T,196T,228T

Existing various lattice, twill, jacquard tower velvet

Application: Jacket, clothing fabric, bags and so on

6. Falle 

Plain tissue polyester

Weak twist in latitudinal direction

Radial: 75DDTY network wire or 75DFDY

Latitude: 150DDTY8T/2S2Z -- (8 twists, 2 left and 2 right twists)

Divide the whole marble flower Yao, half marble flower Yao

High Silk treasure: Radial: 75DDTY network wire

Zonal: 150 s2z ddty22t / 2

High silk treasure weft to strengthen twist

Washed velvet: radial: 50DFDY+50DPOY

Zonal: 150 s2z ddty8-12 t / 2

Application: Clothing fabric, bags and so on

7. Lmitation silk

Plain tissue polyester


Warp and weft are strengthened twist, 2S2Z arrangement

75D George: 75DFDY18T/2S2Z*75DFDY18T/2S2Z

17 # *2 entry -- (17 reed with two perforations, that is, 34 on the machine)

Regular: 50D Georgey, 75D Georgey, 100D Georgey, 150D Georgey


Warp and weft are strengthened twist, 2S2Z arrangement

75D chiffon: 75DFDY22T/2S2Z*75DFDY22T/2S2Z

Upper machine 19 # *2 entry -- (19 reed with two perforations, that is, upper machine warp 38)

General: 30 d, 50 d, 75 d, 100 d, 150 d

Derivations: Carlisle, Orley...

Chiffon is very similar to George.Chiffon has a higher twist than george.Chiffon has a higher density


Radial twist (about 18T), zonal twist (about 28T)

75D single crepe: 75DFDY*75DFDY28T/S

General: 50 d * 50 d, 75 d * 75 d, 75 d * 100 d, 100 d * 100 d

Focus on style

Use: Summer women's wear,

8. Peach skin 

Plain, twill, satin fabric polyester, polyester brocade

Peach skin fleece is a kind of thin sand-ground fleece fabric made of superfine synthetic fiber. The surface of the fabric is covered with very short and delicate little hairs. With the function of moisture absorption, breathable and waterproof, and the appearance and style of silk, the fabric is soft, glossy and smooth.

Latitudinal 150D/144F or 288F fine denier fibers

Radial: 75D/36F or 72FDTY network wire

Latitude: 150D/144F or 288FDTY network wire

Because of fine denier fiber, peach skin velvet after wool, hair is delicate

Use: beach pants, clothing (jacket, dress, etc.) fabric, can also be used as bags, shoes and hats, furniture decoration

9, suede 

Satin weave

It is mainly divided into suede and weft suede

Diameter suede: Island composite wire in radial direction, general polyester elastic wire in weft direction

General: 105 d * 75 d, 105 d * 150 d, 105 d * 200 d, 105 d * 300 d, 105 d * 400 d, 105 d * 450 d, 105 d * 600

Weft suede: radial general elastic wire, weft island composite wire

General: 75 d * 160 d, 75 d * 225 d

Uses: curtain, home textile, shoe material, sofa cover, decorative cloth, lady spring and autumn, etc

10. Organza 

Plain tissue polyamide

Warp and weft 20D or 30D mono-filament, low warp and weft density, sparse density, thin texture, clear step hole, feel quite cool, elastic, good air permeability, comfortable to wear.

Usage: summer shirt skirt, pajamas, headscarf, veil and the bottom cloth of embroidery, table lampshade, curtain.

11, nylon polyester 

Plain weave

Double color effect, ripe chameleon, meridian nylon, weft polyester, plain weave. There are also fully polyester, with a cationic wire, to produce a two-color effect.

Conventional: 70D*75D,70D*150D (thickened), density: 170T,190T,210T,230T,300T

Application: home textile, curtain, clothing material.

12. GABARDINE (polyester) 

Twill weave

Warp and weft elastic silk, twill weave

General: 150 d * 150 d, 150 d * 200 d, 150 d * 300 d

Application: Tooling, clothing, etc.

13, Shu Mei silk

Twill tissue 2/1 diagonal polyester

Radial filament, zonal spring filament

General: 68 dfdy * 75 ddty

Application: Inside material

14, Beautiful silk

Twill tissue 2/1 diagonal polyester or rayon

Full-length silk with warp and weft

General: 68DFDY*68DFDY or 108DFDY

Application: Inside material

15, Satin 

Satin weave polyester

Classification: no twist color ding, twist color ding; Have light color ding, matte color ding;

Static moon Satin: 50D*50D,50D*75D non-twist color

Static wave segment: 50D*50D,50D*75D with twist

Five beauty satin: 75D*100D untwisted tinted

Satin: 75D*150D,75D*200D,75D*300D without twist or twist

Application: dress, stage cloth, evening wear, lining material, luggage material, etc


2/Classification of fabric - Composite fabric

Bonded fabric

Coated fabric: coated fabric more heavy warm fabric

Embroidery fabrics

Flocking fabrics

3/Classification of fabric - Fur and leather

Natural fur: black cross mink, pearl mink, platinum fox, Golden Island fox

Artificial fur: Phnom Penh artificial fur artificial roll fur artificial fur (falling hair)

Natural leather: cowhide sheepskin pigskin horse leather

Artificial leather: synthetic leather made from artificial leather


4/Classification of fabric - Nonwoven fabrics for clothing

Nonwovens interlining fusible interlining warm flocs clothing label faux leather base cloth

5/Classification of fabric - Knitting fabric

A. Weft knitted fabric

Single jersey

Liner fabric: full yarn cross strip cloth

Flannelette: embossed fleece, jacquard fleece, printed fleece, fine fleece, flannelette,

Thick flannelette, flannel

Terry fabric: single side terry cloth double side terry cloth jacquard terry cloth

Jacquard checkered terry cloth

Velvet fabric

Rib fabric: Swiss rib, French rib, 1*1 rib, 2*2 rib

Cotton wool cloth: cotton wool cloth with needle extraction

Beaded mesh cloth

French terry

Design and design knitted fabric: stretch pineapple cloth thousand bird gattie cloth

B. Warp knitted fabric

Polyester warp knitting: Warp knitting golden velvet with gilt-edged velveteen

Warp knitted fabric

Warp knitted mesh cloth

Warp knitted velvet fabric: warp knitted velvet, warp knitted yarn-dyed velvet

Warp knitted hoop fabric

Warp knitted jacquard fabric


6/Classification of fabric - Woven fabrics are commonly used

A. Cotton fabric

Balinese yarn: plain fabric (coarse, municipal, muslin), poplin, Bali yarn

, canvas, flax yarn (the raw material is not flax, is mixed with flax fiber)

Twill: twill (clear texture on front, fuzzy on back), gabardine, serge

Satin: straight gong, cotton wool cross gong, cross gong satin

Fleece: corduroy, printed velveteen, printed flannelette

Wrinkling category: seersucker, bark wrinkling, wrinkling cloth

Yarn-dyed fabrics: denim, Oxford cloth, youth cloth

Others: wool blue cloth, terry cloth, tea towel cloth, wash cloth, rotten cloth

B. Linen fabric

Ramie: ramie plain cloth summer cloth (hand woven ramie cloth collectively) cool yarn

Flax: flax fabric

Flax blended fabric: polyester flax yarn, polyester flax checked cloth, fish jelly cloth (Fish Jian cloth)

Woolen polynosic snow x gold and linen printed silk

C, wool type

Plain print: Veridine, Palix

Twill: serge gabardine

Complex twill: ponywool choctin

Satin: gondola camel silk brocade

Tweed: Suede Hayley toothpick strip Shex gold

Pure wool plaid dress for ladies

Woolen fabrics: Malden, navy wool, dress wool, flannel

Tweed (tweed is also called Firebone and Hayles)

Coat (wool coat, patterned coat),

Ladies' (dress, ladies'), double-sided

D. Silk fabric

Spinning class: electric spun silk spun Fuchun spun spring spun tartan nysk spun yarn-dyed polyester spun

Crepe de chine: Crepe de chine, blue, crepe de chine, and crepe de chine

Xiao: Broken silk gauze

Silk: plain taffeta taffeta taffeta day fragrance silk (double weft flower silk) dig silk

Damask: COTTON DAMASK DAMask beautiful silk feather yarn twill silk

Satin: plain crepe satin brocade

Brocade: Yuexihua brocade square brocade Wan flower brocade

Gauze: yam gambiered Guangdong gauze Lushan gauze fragrant cloud gauze jacquard gauze fake gauze

Luo luo: hangzhou

Gregory: Wen Shangge

Velvet: canaries rotten flowers Joe its velvet Zhangvelvet

Silk: cotton silk tussah silk bigong silk tussah silk


7/How do you guarantee quality?

Our factory has 30 years of garment manufacturing experience, the factory workers have the longest service of 30 years, at least 5 years of working experience.

From cutting, stitching, embroidery, printing we can effectively control the quality, clothing accessories adopt the international famous brand -YKK. So the quality of the clothes we make is guaranteed.

8/Why choose us?

Our team have 30years experience, selling to 40 countries;we are very experienced in international business; 

we know suitable price and on-time delivery are the two key points; 

we supply good service rather than only products.

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